Ok, this is my first foray into web pages in a heck of a long time. I was asked to create a document for the DARC General and Technician classes, and rather than creating a document that could be out of date between the time it was created and the time it was presented, I realized that I needed to create an amateur radio specific resource.

Really not promising a heck of a whole lot to start out, and someone was kidding me that this was going to be very early style web pages for a while, and they are absolutely right! I'm getting my feet wet again, and for a long time the only web page that I updated has been my QRZ page. This also means that I might be moving a lot of my QRZ content over here, since I can host more than a single page here...kinda easy when you run the entire server.

So, why did I do this in the first place?

I wasn't kidding when I said I run and own this entire server. Right now this website is running an a Raspberry Pi that is running Gentoo...which means that I've compiled all the source code myself for this. One Pi does most of the work, with the help of the Intels in my farm and some of the other Pis, and distributes the binaries out to the other Pis. The build system is now a part of my core image, and I encourage users to use my build system for binary distribution.